Things you need to consider when choosing your event venue

Here are the top 10 things you need to consider when choosing your event venue:


The first thing to consider is the cost. A too expensive venue, while luxurious and inviting, will make your budget too restrictive. This means less money for good food and plenty of alcohol, so make sure you choose wisely. 

2. Design

A good event is dependent not only on the venue but also on the decoration. While you can add more balloons and ice sculptures you cannot change the architecture of the place. Therefore you must be sure you like the place - at least generally


It would be disappointing to host a party and have no food because the venue does not have a kitchen to provide catering services. Make sure the place has everything you need.

4. Time and distances

Don’t choose a location too far away or else your guest might not come.

5. Capacity

Ensure the venue is large enough for your guests. An over-crowded place is a fun-killer.

6. Parking

If you want to make you guest happy you will choose a place with either valet parking or regular parking.

7. Compatible layout

In choosing the perfect venue you must ensure that the place has proper flow of traffic and space for certain activities such as: dancing, singing etc.

8. Ease of Access

If one or more of your guests has special needs, ensuring they can access the building is of great importance otherwise it would be disrespectful

9. Insurance

 Sometimes the guest can go wild. This oftentimes means broken glasses, stained table coverings and so on. Having insurance means not having to worry.

10. Sound

Another important aspect for a successful event is the acoustics. Making sure the venue is able to provide quality sound guarantees a great time.

All things considered, these are the top 10 things every responsible host needs to take into consideration when choosing a venue for an event. From good acoustics to good food a great event is only as good as the venue it is held at