10 steps for organizing your event or party

Are you planning on throwing your very own birthday party or simply an entertaining evening with your friends? Then you need to figure how to organize the event, first! When it comes to parties and events, planning is the most important thing, if you want everything to be a resounding success!

Here are 10 steps for organizing your event or party like a pro.

1.Choosing the theme


This is the very first and most important step, as it set the overall tone and vibe of the party. You can settle on a regular party, an ‘80s dance party or a black-tie formal kind of event.

2. Deciding on a budget


The most important question here is “How much are you willing to spend for this?” By choosing the maximum limit you will be better able to organize the budget so that it will cover all the basics and then some more.


3.The invite list


Some say that the success of a party resides in good and proper organizing skills. Others disagree and insist that it is the invite list that dictates if the party will be a success or a snooze fest. Nevertheless, you must choose your guests. Don’t forget to mention the time, date, location, dress code and RSVP date!


4. RSVP list


This is a list that you’ll keep, in order to keep track of all the guests that will be attending.  It will help you with the seating chart!


5. Decoration list


Depending on your theme, your decorations will differ. However, any self-respecting host will not skip this step. Hang some balloons, place some flowers and prepare the party favors!


6. Snacks and beverages


An essential aspect of a successful party are the main ingredients: food and alcohol. Make sure there’s something for everyone! Naturally, depending on the theme of your party, you can opt for an open buffet or a fully seated two-course dinner.


7. Party supplies


Make up a list of all the things your party needs: extra chairs, plates, napkins etc. This way, you’ll ensure every guest will have their seat and that the table will look proper.


8. The music


There wouldn’t be a party without music, right? Whether it’s blowing your house up or plays  quietly in the background, music in an essential ingredient. Again, depending on the theme of your party, ensure you have the appropriate playlists at hand!


9.The ‘To Do’ List


The day of the party there will be a lot of stress and a lot of things that need to be done. In order to pull it off, make sure you write down a ‘To Do’ list for that day that details all the things you need to do to set up the party.


10.The clean-up


Naturally, this is the least pleasant step of a party, but an important one nonetheless. While the party may be over, your work is not. So go ahead and take out the trash and return the supplies that need returning. Also, having a friend help you out can make a lot of difference at this point.


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